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Would you also like a magical and powerful tool to further explore your feminine side as a man? And to make your desires more tangible and give them space? To gain direct access to your subconscious so you can live your deep truth? You have all the answers within you to feel completely happy with who you are. It's understandable that you have doubts, insecurities, and fears in a world where there is still so much taboo... but also a shame and unnecessary suppression of your life energy!


Through my extensive contact with TGirls, I know how magically beautiful and complex the experience of your deep needs and transformation can be. It's an art to connect with that feminine part, follow your impulses, and reach your destination safely (while enjoying the exciting journey).


Through hypnosis, you can access the hidden treasure within yourself.

Hypnosis is a state of inner peace, where you descend into your subconscious. Through focused attention and focus. What you don't actually want doesn't happen because it's impossible. What you deeply desire will become palpable and come to the surface, so it can take on a life of its own, and you can take control of your life again.


I guide you through your emotions, fantasies, desires, and possibilities - through your fears and conditioning - to be the best version of yourself. So that survival turns into living, and you can shine as the Femme Fatale or beautiful princess you are deep inside 👸


What can this hypnosis offer you?


  • More relaxation in yourself and coming home to your femininity.
  • Peace and space.
  • More self-acceptance.
  • Connecting with who you are and what makes you uniquely you.
  • Experiencing yourself in your multidimensionality.
  • Activating the compass of your intuition and your inner voice.
  • Getting into motion and experiencing the magic of continuous change.
  • Feeling your life energy flowing freely again.
  • Enjoying a moment for yourself.
  • More joy, trust, and connection.
  • Making yourself less sensitive to external triggers.
  • A desire to live and show yourself.
  • An impulse to manifest the life you desire.

TGirl hypnosis

€ 49,00 Normale prijs
€ 24,00Verkoopprijs
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